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Our Huron Community is a small and tight-knit group of students, faculty and staff, always eager and able to help one another in any way. We want to harness the power of that community closeness to connect 1st year and upper year students who may be looking for housing options as a result of the decision to start the year online. Are you a student with an apartment you cannot keep and looking to sublet? Are you an out of town student thinking about moving to London and looking for potential roommates? Are you a student needing a place to live and unsure what’s available in the city? Huron Housing Connect Facebook group is here to connect you to what you are looking for.

Huron Housing Connect is a new initiative, managed jointly by the recruiting and residence life staff, to assist students to connect with one another specifically to meet their housing needs. Open to our Huron community only, it is meant to provide a place for students to post what they need and get help from our team to connect them to others who may have a solution.

While open to the Huron community, it will be a private group and monitored closely by our staff acting as site administrators. All Huron students, both returning and incoming, will be sent an email to their UWO account with more information and the link to the page.

We will be working hard to connect our community and help all our students looking for housing options find what they need.

Click here to join the Facebook group